"How Does Securitization work?" and "How to Value Stocks"

SNOW DAY! There is something quite lovely about waking up to a blanket of white, though I rather it not be in March. I woke up early with the intention of finishing two articles that I need to write but I got stuck in my inbox reading and watching. Here are my favs…….

The first is a video that explains the mortgage mess including how securitization works. Though clearly VERY oversimplified it does offer a great sketch of how securization and leverage works. I am going to watch it again with my kids. HERE IT IS.

If you do not already subscribe to BASELINE SCENERIO you need to. I have been for months now and I find the writing incredibly insightful and right on. Read his latest.

A thoughtful piece from an economist on the latest round of horrible economic data combined with some insights on what the administration could and should be doing.

Last – a piece from Econbrowser on what to expect from the stock market. I am not an expert here, and appreciate expert thinking. Again I am not saying I agree with it all but it is worth the read. Warning… somewhat advanced.

Have a great day. A few hours of work and I am going to play in the snow with my kids and my dog. It does not get any better then that……….

2 thoughts on “"How Does Securitization work?" and "How to Value Stocks"

  1. Hi Jackie,

    Two things unrelated to your post, but related to your blog in general:

    1) An article from Cornell University’s (my alma mater) daily newspaper, on a speaker that came to campus this week to give a lecture entitled “Uncovering a Global Underclass: Woman Made Visible.” Perhaps the lecturer is someone with whom you can connect and share ideas on supporting women worldwide. https://cornellsun.com/section/news/content/2009/03/04/experts-say-women-not-yet-equal

    2) I just read this fabulous book, that really changed the way I think about developing my professional skills as a woman. Perhaps you’ve heard of it–it’s called “Strengths Finder” by Tom Rath. Basically it focuses on developing your strengths instead of tirelessly trying to compensate for weaknesses. After reading the book’s preface, you take an online test, and it ID’s your top 5 strengths, and provides strategies to develop them. Apparently the test has been highly validated, and I found it to be dead-on for me. What an under appreciated concept–to focus on your positive attributes instead of the negatives ones.

    Just some food for thought; hope you find it useful. I always enjoy reading your blog–you’re a true inspiration!

  2. Pam thank you so much for this!! I will check out both and truly appreciate you taking the time to to this. Blessings…

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