It is ALL about PEACE!!!

I am so excited! We are 1 1/2 hours away from our PEACE PARTY! My dear friend Lamont Hiebert is here with his band Ten Shekel Shirt and they are going to rock the house. We are raising funds to bring his beautiful and restorative song FRAGILE to video and/or for LOVE 146 that is working to abolition for sex slavery and exploitation. ( he is a founder) Watch the video sketch here. Buy the CD here. Please consider supporting Lamont and his incredible work to help bring PEACE to the world!

I am leaving before dawn for ARIZONA to meet up with my family, spend time with my daughter, and attend a Womens Funding Network Board Meeting. I will try to blog for there.. but just in case. Have a GREAT week…

One quick note – I had the honor of speaking at an event all about EMPOWERMENT for the Stern Women in Business. You all rock and I wish you all the very best. Sign up for my newsletter if I you are visiting for the first time.

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