Dear Diary plus…"Did You Know?……."

I have to admit I am feeling a little overwhelmed today. Perhaps I am reading too much, thinking too hard, pushing myself to ‘be the change’, trying to find solutions to the world’s problems and design business models that can make back some cold hard cash. Besides that we are thinking hard about where in the world ( literally ) we want to live, move, be….. Layer on me breaking out the old movies of when the kids were babes and I quickly realize how quickly time goes by. Married thirteen, had my second child 9 years ago, gone from Goldman since 2002, rounding the corner to age 45……… Also, I have to say, I am just feeling very sad about what a total mess we (the US, the WORLD) are in financially and economically. I started writing over a year ago, logging now over 160 entries and 11 OPEDS, because I thought it was going to be a historical one in the financial markets and I needed to DO SOMETHING bigger then I was already doing. Tell people to look out, be careful and more…. but I truly did not imagine this. This hole is very, very deep and it is so far from over. I told my husband that I am going to make a list of the things I am mad at the world about, mad at myself about, and mad at him about. He is thankful that he was at the end of the list and it was in size order…..

Something must have been in the air because my husband decided to show me ( us – kids included ) this VIDEO called – Did YOU Know????? Most of it, no I didn’t and now I feel even more overwhelmed. Time for a nice glass of wine and some SNL reruns….
Question to my readers – Where in the US, then in the WORLD – would you live and work if you could? I know it is a giant pain in the neck to log in and put in a comment… but if you have a sec, would love your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Dear Diary plus…"Did You Know?……."

  1. If I could, I would live and work in France. It is a country I traveled all over and I love it. I wouldn’t move there forever, but a few years would be fun.

  2. Jacki, I would live and work in France (and I’m not saying this because the comment before said it too, so let’s call this an emerging statistic). I think the world is running too fast and we don’t stop and take deep breaths often enough. I have this perception that the French breathe and feel and enjoy more than us Americans do. I want to be a part of living, breathing, and observing what is around me with like minded people.

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