Brokenness, Hope and Nick Vujicic

I feel like I have written on this two subjects endlessly in 2008 but the theme continues this year. Here are two personal stories of brokenness… one that ends in despair and one that is all about HOPE. At the end of the day this is the choice most of us have as human beings. Yes life deals us a hand of cards, but for many, it is about how you play them.

The First – Adolf Merckle – “Tycoon ‘broken’ by credit crunch takes own life.” – The statement from the family said this….”The desperate situation of his companies caused by the financial crusis, the uncertainties of the last few weeks and his powerlessness to act, have broken the passionate family entrepreneur.” There is so much to say about this but I am going to leave that to my husband. This Sunday he will be giving a sermon on this subject – Brokenness and Hope. I will report back.

The Second – The Story of Nick Vujicis – Watch this on YOUTUBE. Watch it…………….. Yes it is about the handsome man you see …………….

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