"Walk With Me" and Transcending

First and foremost I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Mine was spent here with my husbands family, all 18 of us, eating and being Merry! Coming soon will be some end of year market related posts… but one more piece that is in the spirit of the season.

“Walk With Me” – Jacki Zehner, 2002

I am walking outside, alone
Then suddenly – I begin to shake.
I stop a sec to look around
Am I dreaming or awake?

The air it seems way too cool
For what seems this time of year.
I begin to get the sense
That the cool is my own fear.

I keep on walking straight ahead
Knowing not which way to turn.
Thinking of all left behind
And all that I have learned.

I see something ahead of me
A bench is on the road,
As if put there just for me
To help relieve my load.

I drop down to rest and think
For I can no longer stand.
Suddenly I’m scared and turn
For there is someone holding my hand.

Do not be afraid she/he says
I’m here to show you the way.
I wake up, get out of bed
And get down on my knees to pray.

I also wanted to share this video clip By Kelly Corrigan. It has had over 1.5 mm hits on Youtube and is a speech everyone should hear. This is the reality of women’s lives so beautifully stated… Thank you Kelly.

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