Brokenness, Hope and Women!!! A New Huffpo Piece!

As you can tell I have been a busy girl the past 24 hours! I came down off the high of my speech yesterday and wrote this piece!!!! Of course I am excited about it and could it be the best one yet? You decide.

It is about Investing in Women – this is a message I am going to get out there again and again and again. Hey, I should get that phrase on T-shirts!!! And YES – I will post the website I bought my Wonder Woman T – but they may be sold out, by last order was for 30 of them!!!

The Lastest Huffington Post – CLICK HERE – INVEST IN WOMEN!!!!!!

One thought on “Brokenness, Hope and Women!!! A New Huffpo Piece!

  1. Begin to see the world differently and then move forward! As always, a true inspiration. To see more proof of how this is spreading take a look at this:
    Go to:

    And click or search “Best Advice”-We asked 10 women leaders to
    share their best advice with the rising generation of women.
    Here’s what they had to say.

    Jacki I believe you will really resonate with Sarah Ferguson and her poem..

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