Are YOU Ready for a Revol- YOU – tion?

Today I had the complete honor to be keynote speaker for the monthly 85 Broads Women’s Power Breakfast in New York City. Thank you Janet Hanson for giving me such an incredible opportunity. Over 200 women, and two good men, (or should I say smart men) paid hard earned dollars to be there and I hope you found it, me, a good investment! Please leave a comment here if you are so inclined!

The speech was called “Are YOU ready for a revol – YOU – tion?”It was a call to action! I asked everyone in the room to take their commitment to make this world a more just and equitable place to the next level. I asked everyone in the room to hold tight to a core belief that the world would in fact be a better place if women and girls had both access and opportunity to places and spaces where they currently do not. I asked everyone in the room to claim THIS MOMENT as THE MOMENT to renew and enlarge their commitment to invest in women.

Invest in women. INVEST in women. INVEST IN WOMEN.

The podcast will be soon available as will be speech in hard copy. Stay tuned. I invite you to sign up for upcoming newsletters by adding your name to my subscriber list. AND if you are not already a member of 85 Broads, join now!

3 thoughts on “Are YOU Ready for a Revol- YOU – tion?

  1. Wishing I was there to be inspired this morning~! Congratulations on the excellent turn out for the Power Breakfast that many were looking forward to be a part. You are a true leader and continue to empower, inspire and give us the courage to take action and challenge the status quo. I cannot wait to read the hard copy speech and listed to the podcast. Better yet, hear it from the “horse’s mouth.” Jacki, keep up the momentum~!!!!Respectfully, yumi

  2. Jacki:

    Congrats to you, Wonder Woman (and by the way you must tell me where you got that shirt!!)! I can’t wait for you to rock the house next week at the Y. . . you are my inspiration!!!


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