Congratulations Senator Obama! You Are Changing the Face of Leadership – Now Keep Going.

Congratulations Senator Obama. You have been chosen to be President of the United States and it is a most important point in this country’s history. You! You have the opportunity for greatness and more importantly, inspire others to greatness. Though race NOT been an issue in this election, as the first African-American President, you are the role model. You have shown this country and the world that a person that does not look like the majority in Washington, can get to the top. You made African- American leadership truly visible.

I ask you to keep it going. You promised change, now please deliver on that promise. Change the face of leadership more broadly. When you choose your cabinet and key advisors look broad and look deep. Assemble a list for each role that finds the BEST (intelligent, worldly, compassionate, passionate, connected, holistic thinker, experienced, action-oriented) people that you can, and make sure that there are women and minorities on that list. Don’t believe them when they say it ‘they don’t exist.” They exist; they just may not be immediately visible.

You have a big job ahead of you and I want you to know I am here to help. The economy is in trouble and so is the world. Like you, I have been called in to leadership. I have been called to put myself on the line to speak the truth as I see it. To tell the world that NOW is the time for Womens Leadership and to offer them solutions on how to make that happen. Now. People voted for you because they believed that you are THE ONE that could make America strong again, you captured thier hearts. Now continue to inspire everyone to be part of the solution.

May God Bless you Senator Obama, and may God Bless America!

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One thought on “Congratulations Senator Obama! You Are Changing the Face of Leadership – Now Keep Going.

  1. I think there is a fairly large change just by his ellection, one that may take a while to see, errr, hear.

    I sat with a few aging radical academics over at an unnamed Greenwich Village university last night (I know, get a life) who came to their posts during the formulate years of the revolution and after congratulatory salutations about the election they settled down and began to talk about what’s next. First there was much about “do this, do that” all very practical and utilitarian.

    But then the discussion got to what’s next. And they began to tick off the academic disciplines that had just become “completed” which is a nice way of saying “obsolete”. Their work is done except for the memoirs. And they also began to talk about what it’s like not to be the opposition any longer. Then the more radical Marxists types took charge of the discussion (just like them, huh?) and all of a sudden even Obama wasn’t enough. But the idea still remained that the outs are in and bricks are best thrown from the street, not from inside the house.

    So I wrote about the idea of “The End of Cynicism” and posted the article today. Very interesting to see you urging actual change to go along with the rehtoric. My points are a bit more from the perspective of a “thunderclap” that I think is rocking the halls of the “institutions of voice” right now and its impact.


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