A Moment of Reflection

At the start of the year I decided to create this blog because I thought it was going to be a historic one for the financial markets and I wanted to get my voice, and the voice’s of people I respect, out there.  The first day of my official ‘writing career’ I sat down with my coach, Deborah Siegel and we wrote – “The Confidence Man”, which was published on the Huffington Post.  Reading it now, against the current economic developments, it could not be truer.  We followed with “Confidence Man Two”, “What a Difference a Day makes”, “Quickfixonomics” and “A Trillion Dollar Market Few Have Ever Heard of.”  (read them on by clicking to the links on the right) All spoke to how the administration did not get the magnitude of what was going on in the financial markets, and offered a few ideas of what to do.  Repeatedly they offered assurances that everything was pretty much fine and the economy is just going through a rough patch. 

Today, at this very moment, the President,  the Fed Chairman and the Treasury Secretary are saying trust them again. This time it is with up to $700 billion of funding to do what they think is necessary to help get us out of this ‘mess’.  I wonder why the American people, as represented by their elected officials, are saying no. This seems yet another example of the “Quickfixonomics” that is becoming the norm. 

If you are going to read anything these days, read the Op’eds written in the FT, the NYT and the Wall Street Journal.  Very smart people are saying that what is happening is a disaster for the US dollar, and the faith based system its value is dependent upon.  I would have to agree.


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