Girls Night Out ( GNOs )

I am a big fan of GNOs. Big fan. Always have been and always will be. This past Sunday I gathered a group of eight gal pals and we took in the major chick flick of the summer, that’s right, Sex In The City. I liked the TV show mainly for one reason, Sisterhood! I liked the movie for the same reason. Having not read that much about the movie over the weekend, I thought I was being really cool and original planning for a group of us to go to an early dinner and the show on Sunday night. Well it turns out I was not the only one with such an idea. The theater was packed and we ended up in the second row. We laughed, we cried, and what made the movie so much fun was we were sisters, watching sisters. I hope that the success of this film at the box office will send a clear signal to the powers that be in Movieland. Make more movies for women, with women, about women. Build it, and they will come. (that’s right this message is for you Bonnie )

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