Catch me on FOX Business News 10 to 12 this AM

Today is my second appearance on FOX BIZ as a market expert and I am waiting anxiously for the email to arrive announcing the topic areas. Having followed the business headlines so religiously since the start of the year it is amazing how much they have changed, despite the fact that none of the problems that were the early focus have gone away. The Media just moves on. The last time I appeared you could not escape the news on the Monoline Insurers, and despite no solutions to their problems, are we hearing about it anymore? Nope. It is not surprising that the election, the price of oil, massive write-downs, surprising earnings reports and global food shortages are now the focus, but I wish someone, somewhere, would keep a list going of what we were talking about yesterday and now today. ( and this could include good as well as bad news) That list would highlight the issue/concern/reason for headline, then map the evolution of the problem/solution, and could even feature the current administration’s ( and candidate’s) responses. The voters last night responded so clearly that the issue for this election is the ECONOMY and the media could do a much better job in keep America informed not only of the issues of the day, but the bigger picture.

If you have limited time on your hands their are two weekly must reads to stay relatively informed – the Economist and Barron’s. I also try to scan the Journal, The NYTimes, and the FT – but given the intensity of the what is going on right now, just reading what catches my eye is quickly becoming a full time job. It is not surprising that many are likely suffering from “Overnewseditis.”

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