Goldman, Meet Chris Grumm

On the heels of that last post, I must share something written by a woman I believe to be one of the most amazing people in the social justice movement, Chris Grumm. Chris did not have to work very hard to get me to join the Board of the Women’s Funding Network. She is one of the many women I have met over the past few years who has been walking the walk and talking the talk for a very, very long time.

Chris writes:

“We have an open window at this point and time in our history. We see the building of popular interest in investing in women and girls. Examples of this are Oprah’s school for girls in South Africa, Care’s worldwide campaign “I am powerful”, UNIFEM spokesperson Nicole Kidman talking about women around the world and Tyra Banks, US former model and TV host, work on supporting young women of every race, class and beauty. Even the Millennium Goals for Development have started to realize the need to focus more on women and girls if they want to reach their stated goals….Women have more education, money, influence and political power than any time in history. And people around the world are dissatisfied with much of their current leadership, and are calling for something new. The world is ripe for change.”

So BRAVO Goldman. BRAVO for launching something symbolic in the women’s space and for so boldly joining our club, the Women (and Men) of the Social Change and Social Justice Movement, we are happy to have you. May we work together for a long, long time to come.

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