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In this series, professionals share what they’d do differently — and keep the same. Follow the stories here and write your own (please use #IfIWere22 in your post).

I was born in 1964. As my children so often remind me, that was a very long time ago. If you add 22 years to that date, it brings us up to 1986, and at that time, and for the two years that followed, I was a business student at the University of British Columbia.

Early in that year, I had learned that I had been accepted into UBC’s Portfolio Management Program, which was designed to give students firsthand experience in money management. My time in this program convinced me to pursue a career in capital markets, and in June 1986, I headed to Toronto for my first internship in this field. Prior to this, my work experience included flipping burgers as a Dairy Queen employee, a salesperson at Foot Locker, a cashier at my father’s grocery story, a weight room attendant, and most recently, a passenger services representative with Princess Cruises. Not exactly sterling credentials for a future career in finance.

Heading into my first position at a financial services firm at 22, what would I have liked to have known that I know now? What advice would I give my younger self to make…

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