Wonder Woman: Part II

1970s--Lynda-CarterGiven my last post about Wonder Woman garnered nearly 41,000 views I did not want to leave any of her fans hanging.  There has been lots of developments in Wonder Woman’s quest to make it to the big screen so here is the latest update.

After Rainfall Films‘ fan film went viral last October, Wonder Woman’s plight became front page news. It felt like everyone was commenting on her absence, and for once, it would appear that Hollywood listened. In December, it was announced that Wonder Woman will appear in the upcoming Batman/Superman film, slated for a 2016 release, and actress Gal Gadot had been cast in the role. This announcement caused a furor online, with people alternately hailing and condemning this development, and this amazing article in The New York Times, published as 2013 came to a close, asked the question that I have been asking for over a decade: Why No Wonder Woman? Why is she still without a film of her own? And why is she making her big screen debut playing second fiddle to two dudes in tights?

Recently it was announced that while Wonder Woman will be making her debut opposite Batman and Superman, Gadot has signed on for three films as Wonder Woman, the second two presumably being a Justice League film and a solo Wonder Woman film. Whether or not these films actually come to fruition remains to be seen, but it is nice to know that Warner Brothers is at least thinking long term for this character. While I wish that Wonder Woman was getting her own film straight away, filming on the Man of Steel sequel is scheduled to begin later this year, so for better or for worse, Wonder Woman will make it to the big screen in the near future. As a lifelong Wonder Woman fan, I couldn’t be happier, and I can’t wait to see my favorite Amazon on the big screen. Frankly, 2016 can’t come fast enough.

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