All Hail The Heat

TheHeat2Let’s put aside the politics for a moment that accompanied the release of The Heat last month. Let’s put aside the fact that this is the only female fronted film to receive a wide release this summer. Let’s forget that if it had performed poorly, Hollywood would have used it for years as the shining example of why female fronted films don’t work, despite the fact that stars such as Will Smith, Johnny Depp, and Ryan Reynolds have all suffered massive box office failures this summer, and no one has blamed these failures on the fact that they are men. And let’s disregard the fact that after the supposedly game changing successes of Bridesmaids and The Help in 2011, only 28% of speaking roles in 2012’s 100 top grossing films went to women, the lowest percentage in five years. Let’s ignore all of that and just focus on The Heat as a film for a moment.

Written by Kate Dippold and directed by Paul Feig, The Heat is a buddy comedy about a straight-laced FBI agent, played by Sandra Bullock, who is forced to work with a foul mouthed and unorthodox detective in Boston, played by Melissa McCarthy, in order to bring down a drug kingpin. Jacki and I went and saw this movie last night and I can’t remember the last time we laughed so hard at a film. It’s raunchy, crude, absurd, utterly hysterical, and is the perfect example of how great the buddy comedy genre can be when done well. With a worldwide gross to date of $145 million on a $43 million dollar budget, The Heat is a hit, and in any other situation the story would end there, as just another hit summer comedy, were it not for the fact that the future of female driven summer blockbusters would appear to rest on its shoulders.

This situation is infuriating, and I could write long and passionately about the ridiculous double standards of Hollywood and how far we still have to go to achieve gender parity, but we’ve put all of that aside for this post so we can celebrate The Heat simply as a film. One of the funniest films to be released this year. A film that opened in less theatres than its main box office competitor, but made nearly $15 million more on its opening weekend. The lone female fronted film to open this summer that managed to wade through an ocean of testosterone and became a hit. Now that’s something to celebrate.

By Laura Moore


Lessons Learned in Africa

DSC04024 This is my 601st blog entry! Just had to mention that.

I have just returned from my first ever trip to Africa, South Africa to be more specific. To say I had the most incredible trip would be a complete understatement. There will surely be a few entries about my experiences starting with this one – Lessons Learned in Africa which I wrote for LINKED IN.  I hope you like it.

Pictured to the left is Elvis, so named by the rangers at Londolozi because her deformed back legs made her walk look like Elvis.  Her amazing story is included in the piece.



40 Women to Watch Over 40

fortyover40-header3Christina Vuleta and Whitney Johnson were tired of hearing the words “past your prime” in regards to women in business. In response, they decided to take a stand and created the “40 Women to Watch Over 40” list.  The purpose of this list is to both bring awareness to and spark a new conversation around women’s contributions to innovation, and emphasizing that this innovation does not decline after 40, but rather it gets better with age! Congratulations to all of the amazing women selected for this list; I am loving reading your stories, and it is truly an honor to be included among you. See the full list here.

The inspiration behind this list is right in line with an article I recently wrote for The Huffington Post for the THIRD METRIC conference entitled “Why I Can’t Wait to be Fifty“.  I can truly, honestly, 100% say that today I am a better professional, better friend, and better person than I have ever been. I am owning my age. I am owning who I am. I am owning both my successes and my mistakes. I am also much more willing to stand up for what I believe in, and I am not afraid to be not liked, or ‘unliked’. In today’s world of instant feedback, social media, and internet trolls, this is not always easy, and speaking out for what I believe to be right is about being brave, courageous, and dare I say it, fearless!

But I am not perfect, and there is still a list of things I would like to do better. I want to listen more and to talk less. I want to be the type of person who shows up for my friends and family, not just when it is easy and convenient, but when it is is inconvenient but needed. I want to be able to prioritize better, which means I have to learn when to say no and mean it. I want to be more tolerant towards people who do not share my beliefs, and I want to take the time to share my beliefs in a way that opens doors instead of closing them. I could go on, as the list is long, but with each passing year I know I will work to face each item head on.

Are you getting better with age? Was there a magical age for you when you suddenly became the person you think you were meant to be? What did you come to learn that you wish someone had told you earlier? Personally? Professionally?

Thanks for sharing.

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