Happy Birthday Gloria!

Yesterday was Gloria Steinem’s 79th birthday.  Looking at the picture below, taken just 2 1/2 years ago at my ‘leaving New York party’, one might say – NOT POSSIBLE!  Gloria is truly one of the most spectacular human beings I have ever known and she is a constant source of inspiration to me.  Click here for a great article by Jessica Wakeman ( Hi Jessica ) on 15 Things to Know About Gloria, and I am adding one below!

As many of you know I collect Wonder Woman paraphernalia and I am a huge fan.  It just so happens that Gloria is one of the world’s experts on Wonder Woman. The cuffs you see me wearing were a gift from Gloria and truly, one of most special gifts I have ever received.



One thought on “Happy Birthday Gloria!

  1. Happy Birthday Gloria Steinem,

    I’m glad you were born. You will live in our hearts FOREVER.

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