Harvard Kennedy School Women’s Leadership Board

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Last week I flew to snowy Boston Massachusetts for the biannual meeting of the Women’s Leadership Board at the Harvard Kennedy School. I just joined this amazing group of women from across many sectors who support the work of the school.

The Women and Public Policy Program, whose mission is to close gender gaps in economic opportunity, political participation, health and education through creating knowledge, training leaders and informing public policy and organizational practices, is a major focus of the Women’s Leadership Board. Their research provides evidence-based insights on the role of gender in shaping economic, political and social opportunities available to individuals. Using this evidence based research as support, WAPPP’s goals are to inform decision makers across all sectors on what policies, organizational practices and leadership techniques help close gender gaps and train today’s and tomorrow’s leaders on how to create a more gender equal world, and to empower women to navigate systems effectively. Needless to say this is right up my alley!

There are a number of research areas of expertise the Women and Public Policy Program specializes in. One of the most interesting areas for me is that which actively seeks to close the gender gap. WAPPP’s research initiative, “Closing the Global Gender Gap Initiative” which is run jointly with the Harvard Center for International Development, aims to conduct, foster and support research on closing the gender gaps in economic opportunity, political participation, health and education, with the goal of identifying ground-breaking new interventions that have been proven to work in a specific context and have the potential of being scaled up to be used elsewhere. More information on the Closing the Global Gender Gap Initiative can be found here.

There is just so much research out there, much of it produced at HARVARD, that makes the case for investing in women and girls and I am thrilled to now be part of the community that is turning that research in to concrete action.


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