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In the past couple of years, since our family moved to Park City, our foundation has become more involved in the media space by funding social impact documentaries. One amazing organization I have become particularly fond of is The Fledgling Fund. The Fledgling Fund seeks to support individuals, families and communities by investing in media projects which shed light on entrenched social issues. The Fund selected a group of critical issues in which to target their funds, these issues include: girls’ empowerment and women’s leadership, health and wellness, and systemic poverty, among other issues. On their website they highlight their strategy as a “three pronged approach” in which they aim to “include funding for an innovative film or media project, funding for a strategic outreach and audience engagement campaign, as well as financial support for the community- based organizations that are committed to the issues raised in the film.”

The fund also researched the impact of distribution, outreach and audience engagement of films and how they can spark social change. Their paper, “From Distribution to Audience Engagement” outlines each of these components and how they can work together to create a powerful social change. They also tracked the impact their projects have had on communities and the world through a working paper called “Assessing Creative Media’s Social Impact.” Both papers are great resources that provide evidence that media can have a strong impact on social change.

This year one of the Fledgling Fund grantee’s, Saving Face, won the Academy Award for Documentary Short. This incredible documentary film looks into the lives of acid attack victims in Pakistan. Every year in Pakistan, there are at least 100 people attacked with acid-the majority women. Many more go unreported. Saving Face is the story of two survivors of such attacks–their battle for justice and their journey of healing.  For more information about the film and the issue and how to get involved, click here.

Do you have a socially important issue/story? To apply for funding click here.

Thank you Fledgling fund for the amazing work you do and a special shout out to Diana Barrett, the founder.  YOU ROCK!!

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