The Women In the World Conference 2012 – things I wish were said…….

I  am sitting on the plane following 3 days at the awesome “Women in the World” conference where many of the most amazing women on the PLANET were speaking, and I can’t help but think about what was not said, or what was not said enough in my opinion.  This is NOT to say that there were not bits and pieces it, and perhaps it was said and I missed the session, but I just have to put this out there.  I did fully embrace the whole ‘tweeting’ thing while there and will be putting together a compilation of those tweets as well as specific comments on sessions.  There were SO MANY great moments and great quotes and great STORIES!!!  So much to write about but since I am moments away from  having to turn off my computer I am going to just let a few go…..

These are Jacki Zehner quotes:

“We have spent so much time, money and energy making the ‘business case’ for women. I get it.  I did that.  I have reports and statistics and research studies and more that tell us “why investing in women makes great economic sense.” But I now believe that what will really drive change is NOT the case around economic potential but rather the cost of  economic consequences.”  ( think Rush Limbaugh and his loss of advertisers) As my friend says, “nothing changes bad behavior towards women like a good, and successful, lawsuit”

“We have so much power.  POWER. Can we just please say that word? If we use our power, and specifically our economic power, the world will change.”

“At the conference women from Africa, women from Afghanistan, teenage girls, seemed to have NO problem using the word POWER.  But what was so evident to me was that many American women leaders will just not use it.  Or they will couch it.  It has become a dirty word for women leaders in this country and it is time to reclaim it.”

“Let me talk about economic and financial power.  We have the power of our giving dollars. WE have the power of our investment dollars. We have the power of our consumer dollars. We have the power of negative economic consequences. ( then I would add a whole list of amazing stats you would find in the fact section) Money is power.  Power TO not Power OVER as Gloria Feldt says. So let’s use our power TO advance women and girls.”

I have so many more but the plane is going to land.  There will be  a part two of this blog.





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