The Girl Effect

There are currently 600 million adolescent girls in developing countries, and for many of them, their future looks bleak. Countless numbers of them face a life of early marriage and pregnancies, vulnerability to HIV, hunger, poverty, and no ability to provide for their families or even to control the circumstances of their lives.

Faced with this reality, the Nike Foundation and the Novo Foundation started The Girl Effect, a campaign to end the cycle of poverty for women in developing countries. They believe that when you invest in a girl through education, access to health care services, freedom from violence, and access to resources, she can grow into her potential and become an important member of her family, her community, and the world at large. I believe that too.

Today bloggers around the world are celebrating this important initiative.  Please watch the video, go to to take action, and celebrate the power of our girls to change the world for the better.

Some facts: (find more in my resource section)

-1.7 billion people in the world earn less than $1 per day
-60% of the working poor in the world are women
-7 out of 10 people going hungry are women and girls
-Two thirds of the world’s unpaid work is being done by women, amounting to the equivalent of nearly 50% of the world GDP
-Women earn 5% of the world’s income
-Women own 1% of the world’s property
-Two thirds of the children who are denied primary education are girls
-75% of illiterate adults are women

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