What a summer! For the first time in forever I gave myself permission to have some time off and it was wonderful.  Honestly, I kept thinking about this blog ( especially after watching the film  Julia and Julia  with my daughter) wondering how my readers might get along without me.  Well I trust you all got along just fine but it is good to be back.  I am hoping you may have noticed that we have been building up the resource section of this new web-site.  Check out some of the tabs where you will find a fantastic list of upcoming events and some great resources.

So what to expect this fall?  Lots more sharing about great people, ideas, organizations and more.  Since kicking in to high gear this week I have already had some incredible calls with amazing women I will feature in upcoming entries – Abassador Swannee Hunt , Jensine Larson of World Pulse, Pat Mitchell of the Paley Center for Media and Lisa Witter of Fenton Communications.    Again, it’s good to be back.

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