A Global Standard for Gender Equality

Greetings from Kelowna BC, Canada!

Should there be a global corporate standard for gender equality? Nicole Schwab thinks so, and I agree with her! In this recent article on the Huffington Post Nicole explains how she plans on creating this measurement tool and why she thinks it could have incredible impact.
“…We set out to develop an assessment methodology that would enable companies to gain a comprehensive understanding of where they stand in terms of gender equality. This methodology can serve as a management tool and at the same time form the basis for setting a global standard in gender equality, and benchmarking companies against it. Companies that meet the standard will be recognized through a global label in gender equality, to be launched in January 2011 by our foundation, The Gender Equality Project.”
Nicole was in New York yesterday and I joined by conference call for a meeting with the National Council for Research on Women, where I continue to serve as Board Member

Emeriti. I had the pleasure of meeting Nicole briefly last year in Deauville France for the Women’s Forum for the Economy and Societywhere Linda Basch ( NCRW President) and I presented our Women in Fund Management paper. The purpose of the meeting was to gain a greater understanding of each others work in this area and where possible, to collaborate for greater impact. Momentum is certainly building for greater accountability on the part of large corporations for equitably gender practises and I thank Nicole for her incredible work.

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