Geena Davis on Gender Equality!

I have the pleasure of knowing Geena Davis and if I still were living in the New York area, I would have been meeting with her during her recent visit to promote gender equality in the media. (That said, Park City is beautiful!!) CNN reported on her visit. ( click here to read and watch) I would like to thank Geena for her incredible work. What we see on television and in movies matters. Her report on the gender balance in G rated movies and how it may affect our children’s development is worth paying attention to. We live in a world that is half women, and half men, and we should seek for that balance in representation in media, in politics, in business and beyond. Of course that goal is not realistic in many contexts, but it the mindfulness of the need for it that will create change. Thanks again Geena for all you do!
Geena Davis Institute for Gender Media works with entertainment creators and companies, educates the next generation of content-creators, and informs the public about the need to increase the number of girls and women in media aimed at kids and to reduce stereotyping of both males and females.

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