Top Ten Risks for the Global Economy ( GS 2005 )


I am in the process of packing up our home for a big move out West and coming across some interesting things while doing it! In 2005 I attended a conference at Goldman Sachs entitled “The Top 10 Risks in the Global Economy.” The speakers included heads of states, economists, investment managers and more. All these challenges continue to be extremely relevant today!

Here is what they were. ( again 2005)

1) Hedge Funds and Derivatives
2) World Oil Supply
3) Wealth Disparities in Emerging Nations
4) Global Regulatory Challenges to Economic Growth
5) Opportunities and Challenges For Growth in China
6) Trade Liberalization
7) Environmental Accords
8) Geopolitical Conflicts
9) Global Terrorism
10)World Health Conditions
There is so much to write about, so so much… but the packing boxes are calling my name !!

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