Learnvest – Round Two – I Believe – Women and Finance

I believe that at the root of this current financial and economic crisis is a lack of basic financial literacy. It is appalling that our children are not taught it in school, and I believe it is every parents responsibility therefore to teach it at home. I also believe the churches and other community organizations should make it a priority as well.

I also believe that at the root of this current financial and economic crisis is a lack of financial responsibility. This includes at an individual level people spending beyond their means, at the government level the same thing, and at the corporate level, particularly for financial institutions, selling and pushing products for which the main goal is making lots of money for themselves and not balancing the interests of their customers and clients. It has been one big money game that has in one way or another meant bad things for everyone!! This has to change, it has to, and it is up to every one of us to make that happen!!


One way I hoped to make a difference in this regard is investing in a start-up company called LEARNVEST. ( http://www.learnvest.com/ ) Learnvest is dedicated to making women more financially educated, empowered, responsible and savvy! It was started by Alexa Von Tobel, the gorgeous and smart young woman you see above. This was a big week for this company as they, we, just completed our venture capital funding round! Read all about it in the New York Times and Fortune. Thank you Accel for believing in us.
Many studies have shown that it is very hard for women to raise VC money, and it is women like Alexa, with great ideas that meet a market need that come to market with scalable businesses that will break it down!! Women and finance is HOT HOT HOT! Women and finance IS WHAT WILL BE DIFFERENT NEXT TIME AROUND. INVESTING IN WOMEN, AND WOMEN OWNED BUSINESSES, IS THE INVESTMENT THESIS THAT CAN MAKE MONEY AND CAN CHANGE THE WORLD FOR THE BETTER.


How you can help! Please spread the word. Join Learnvest’s mailing list, encourage others to, help get this company and Alexa exposure!

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