“Why Canada Avoided a Mortgage Meltdown”

There is a great OPED in the WSJ today that helps to “call in to question the longstanding US beliefs about the relationship of government subsidized housing finance to home ownership.” In short Canada does not have GSEs like Fannie and Freddie, yet has the same levels of home ownership as the US, and 1/10th of the foreclosure problems as the US. News about these organizations has moved further back in our newspapers but the ultimate cost to American Taxpayers will be hundreds and hundreds of billions and deserves our continued attention. In thinking about financial reform due attention must be paid to how these behemoths are reduced in size and influence in a responsible manner. Canada continues to provide a great model for a much more stable and responsible financial system. ( and yes I am Canadian!)

PP History
I have written dozens of entries about these two institutions over the past 2 years. In Jan 2008 on the Huffington Post I said there were going to be HUGE losses to be dealt with and sadly.. I was very right. Here are more comments when they were taken over in September 2008.

Women in the World – The Daily Beast Plus Abigail Disney…

The Daily Beast hosted a most incredible gathering this past weekend in New York City. Though I hoped to attend a combination of my daughters 10th birthday celebration ( I love you Allie!!!) plus the storm kept me away. Click here and here for more on the event. Thank YOU Daily Beast for hosting this event, for the great writing, and the video content!
I had coffee today with my friend Abigail Disney. If you do not know about “Pray the Devil Back to Hell” read all about it now by clicking here. The film is a story about the women of Liberia and is a must see documentary. Help spread the word by clicking here.


If you have not heard about SHE WRITES an online community for women writers you soon will. Two friends of mine created it and they are innovating their way to what will become an amazing, game-changing, platform. Kamy Wycoff and Deborah Siegel (pictured) are the brilliant women behind this effort. I am thrilled, honored, excited, and generally beside myself to be part of the advisory board. Check it out, join, share this exciting new opportunity with your women writer friends. What makes it so cool is that these two women are writers themselves, and honor the women for whom they have created this network. They are asking THEM what their needs are and delivering. The platform they are using is NING, co-founded by an awesome women herself, Gina Bianchini who I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time last week. Ning is working in partnership with them to help them develope this web-based business. This is a new model and I am thrilled to be watching it take hold. You go girls!