“The Generosity Plan”

When you think about your great friendships? Your life-changing relationships? Who are the people that jump in to your head? Who has changed your life for the better in ways you could have only prayed for? One such person for me is Kathy LeMay. I met Kathy a few years ago when I was looking for someone to help be figure out how to have more philanthropic impact. No longer working full-time for money I was giving more of my time, and more of my money away, and I wanted to know how I could do it well. Kathy became my, our, philanthropic coach. In doing so she truly changed my life. She made me think hard about what I am passionate about, what I want to see different in the world, what I am willing to WORK to change. I am crying as I write this as Kathy you have and continue to unleash both my desire and capacity to give. You have made me a more generous person and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Encouraged by so many Kathy has written a book – The Generosity Plan : Sharing Your Time, Treasure and Talent to Shape the World. It was released yesterday and PLEASE help to make it a best seller. It is a book for anyone and everyone. Her goal? To great a generous world, where everyone knows they can make a difference.
Buy it on Amazon today! CLICK here to order. For more information on where you might see Kathy live see her web-site. If you can help with media or speaking engagements please contact [email protected] .

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