Courtney Martin – The American Prospect – “Architecture’s Diversity Problem”

Two blogs in one day! That is what a five hour plane ride will do! My brilliant writer friend Courtney Martin just sent me her latest article in the American Prospect. (click here )This is a must read! Courtney talks about some of the reasons for the lack of diversity in the field of architecture, and there are definite parallels to our findings in the financial arenas. She refers readers to this TOOLKIT for those striving for greater diversity and it is very good. (highlights below) Thanks Courtney for such a great piece.

What Can Small Firms Do? Here are some simple steps that small firms can take to become inclusive.
1. Look for a leadership champion. This should be a respected individual(s) at a senior level to champion diversity and inclusion.
2. Create a diversity statement and communicate the organizational views on diversity.
3. Communicate your diversity statement to clients
4. Provide ongoing diversity awareness training to all employees.
5. Start up a multi-cultural affinity group.
6. Implement cultural awareness days.
7. Invite individuals from local community groups to participate in lunch – n – learns to talk about their cultural traditions.
8. Recognize diverse holidays by posting diversity calendars on line or making them available to your employees.
Remember, diversity and inclusion should be treated as an ongoing process and an integral part of your business strategy. Therefore, diversity and inclusion is not a one shot deal.
More on Courtney Martin from AMAZON . She is the author of two books and countless articles.
– Click: When We Knew We Were Feminists
– Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters: How the Quest for Perfection is Harming Young Women

John Mauldin’s on GREECE

John Mauldin is one of my favorite thinkers on investing. You can subscribe to his free newsletter by clicking here. A short while ago he wrote this piece on the situation is GREECE that is really insightful. ( This Time Is Different) The country’s financial situation continues to grab headlines and is the reason most cited for any downward equity moves. There is not a happy ending here and John thoughtfully lays out the trade-offs. The whole piece is worth a read though the section on GREECE is about half the way down. One key take away for me was this – “Obama offering to freeze spending by 17% in US discretionary-spending programs, after he ran them up over 20% in just one year, is laughable. Greece is an object lesson for the world, as Japan soon will be. You cannot cure too much debt with more debt.
John’s books are Bulls Eye Investing and Just One thing (amazon link)
He also mentions this book in this newsletter which I am most certainly going to get.
This Time is Different, by Carmen M. Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff ( amazon link )

Tiger Woods – “I Am So Sorry”

This was an amazing speech. Yes he controlled the situation, but really, who cares. He said all the right things in my view. He centered his words on personal responsibility, admitting he had a problem, and talking about how he and his family were going to move forward. How powerful are the words “I am truly sorry” but as he said, behavior has to follow.
While we are still in the midst of this financial crisis, I hope CEOs and other senior leaders of institutions who have played a significant role take note. This is how you say I am sorry and plan a way forward.