Haiti Earthquake…..

I have been sitting here, staring at a blank page, wondering what I could possibly write about Haiti. To say it is an unbelievable tragedy is of course so obvious. What comes to mind is that it is all so unfair. Life is so incredibly unfair. Some people suffer in ways others of us cannot possibly understand. That has always been true and will always be true. What we can hope for is that the worst of situations bring out the best in people. We are here, I believe, to help and to serve one another.

Luke 34: “He went to him and bandaged his wounds, pouring on oil and wine. Then he put the man on his own donkey, took him to an inn and took care of him.”
My friend and colleague Tiffany spent years working in Haiti, and her fiancée is there now. Here is her message of what you can do to help….
“I write this e-mail with an incredible amount of sadness in my heart tonight for a country that I love so much. Tragically, Haiti suffered a 7.0 Earthquake today that has left a tremendous amount of devastation and casualties in the thousands or more. All the phone lines are down, the UN Headquarters in Port-au-Prince has collapsed, and people are incredibly scared. I have been receiving e-mails from Mikey (my fiance) who is on the ground in Les Cayes, Haiti and thankfully is safe. He has been reporting back information as it comes in and is quickly mobilizing a team and supplies as I write. Hope for Haiti is working tonight and has assembled a medical team, plane, and pilot to fly to Haiti as soon possible with medical supplies. We have not yet been able to get in touch with all of our fellow expats, but do know that there are two who are stuck under one of the volunteer mission houses in Port-au-Prince. Please pray for them and their families tonight along with the thousands of others who are trapped this evening or injured.How can you help? In three ways…1. We need God’s help here…. please keep Haiti in your prayers! 2. For those of you who can, please donate to Hope for Haiti another organization you trust that is focusing on relief in Haiti at this time. Hope for Haiti is moving forward as fast as possible, but needs your help desperately! 3. Spread the word! Please share with friends and family and let people know what has happened.”
I would also recommend the American Red Cross. My dear friend Ann Kaplan serves on their board and I know first hand the amazing work they do.

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