"The Glass Hammer" – 2010 Gender Equality

For a great take on the article I mentioned two entries ago in the Economist, and more on gender equality in the work place check out Nicki Gilmour’s piece in the Glass Hammer. Better yet subscribe to their great newsletter. Nicki, I could not agree with you more!!

One thought on “"The Glass Hammer" – 2010 Gender Equality

  1. A comment about the articles in The Economist… I was actually really disappointed that they seemed to be making the argument that children hold women back from equality. (Which perhaps is true, but it was still disappointing to hear). Actually, that theme stood out more to me in the articles, than the theme of women gaining equal footing with men in the workplace.

    At one point they said something to the effect of "perhaps women and men are held to the same standard after all," implying that women without children can succeed just as much as men. I was rather disappointed by all this, but am curious what your thoughts are, Jackie, since you were able to achieve such success while still having children.

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