"If Wall Street Repents Can Main Street Forgive?"

Last Sunday I co-wrote a piece for the Daily Beast called “Can Goldman Find God?” asking Goldman to put their resources to work to fund job creation. This week they announced their “10,0000 Small Business Initiative.” Given this news, the apology by CEO Blankfein, and more… we decided to write another article to follow-up. It is called “If Wall Street Repents Can Main Street Forgive?” If you feel called to comment please do so on the DAILY BEAST site and not on this blog.

I don’t think it coincidence that the sermon this morning at church was how to change our culture. Our minister asked us to consider how, as a follower of Christ, do we impact our culture? He suggested three ways – outlove our culture, outthink our culture and outcommitt our culture. This is exactly what I am trying to do in writing about Goldman Sachs, about Wall Street, about Money, about Social Change, about Gender Equality and more. I feel called to leverage my background as a former partner of Goldman Sachs, and a Christ follower, to speak out. We NEED a new form of capitalism to go to work in this country – responsible capitalism, moral capitalism, socially responsible capitalism, enduring capitalism! We need our culture to change – the culture of Wall Street and the culture of Main Street.
I am so far from perfect, and the person I most want to change is myself. I want to live a loving and generous life. A life that honors God and honors others. This is what we are all called to do…

I also think this piece is worth a read “Stop Blaming Goldman Sachs.”

Have a great Sunday.

5 thoughts on “"If Wall Street Repents Can Main Street Forgive?"

  1. Jackie why don't you tell them HOW you minted your $$$ at GS? wasn't it Mortgage trading?? Could you acknowledge that some seeds of this crisis were sewn by you and your colleagues back then?

    it's easy to point fingers now but you were as much a part of this machine as anyone else.

  2. Anonymous… i posted a response then took it down. I am not sure who 'them' is but I am not hiding anything, in fact I am choosing to do the opposite.

  3. Mike.. i have never taken down a comment below but i took down yours. You are venting on DailyBeast which is a space I do not have control over. This space is something I created and if you do not like it, choose not to read it. You clearly think I have nothing of value to say.

  4. Jacki, I posted without venting on Daily Beast as you requested. If you don't want questions do not host a blog. Unlike your anonymous commenters, I post my name and email address along with my questions.

    Please re-post my rational message or send me a private email with your sincere answers to my sincere questions.

    [email protected]

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