Investing in Women and Investing

Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking on a panel with Chris Grumm, President of the Womens Funding Network, and Ana Oliveira, President of the New York Womens Foundation. The topic? Investing in Women. Why and Why Now? What does that really mean to me? It means this – seeing that providing access, opportunity and resources to women, as a movement, as a collective, is a way to create a more just and equitable world.

That belief came to life last night at the Ms. Foundation dinner in celebration of Gloria Steinem’s 75th birthday. Two women leaders, Gina Womack and Kirbie Platero, told their stories of how grants from this foundation has transformed them and their communities. “The Ms. Foundation supports the efforts of women and girls to govern their own lives and influence the world around them. Through its leadership, expertise and financial support, the Foundation champions an equitable society by effecting change in public consciousness, law, philanthropy and social policy.” The room was full to the rim, and you could feel the change happening. You could feel the transformation happening. It is about this investment model really taking hold. It is about people with resources coming to understand why funding in this manner, really makes sense. I am going to work on a few opeds on this subject and I cannot wait to share them.

As for the markets … I have not written about them for a while as I have had so much going on in other spaces but if you get the newsletters I have suggested in the past, in particularly John Mauldin’s ( see link), I would just say “I agree with what he says.” I believe that we are a long way away from the problems being over. A long way. We may be through the worst part of the ‘financial crisis’ but we are still in the early innings of the economic crisis.

I am heading to the airport in minutes but while on the plane over the weekend I am going to write a longer economic commentary for posting next week.
Have a great long weekend!!!

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