Adam Does not Win American Idol!

I am getting ready to hit the PUBLISH button the moment they say his name. I have been watching American Idol all season with my two children and it has been great. We are hoping that Adam wins because he is just such an amazing singer and so original! This final show has been great – well …… with the exception of Bikini Girl. At least Kara made her look like a fool. Sorry, but she deserves it.
Ok.. the results are almost here!!!! oh bummer…………… but Congrats Chris!

One thought on “Adam Does not Win American Idol!

  1. I’m pissed I didn’t bet on Kris. I had him as the winner after a recent trip to the heartland where most of the people asked told me that Adam was too edgy – or too popular on the coasts – and what America really wanted was something different. I think Danny would have won over Adam. they didn’t even give the margin of victory – because I think it was overwhelming.

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