The Day, Gloria Steinem, Women Moving Millions, The Dinner Party

Wake up. Get ready. Train. Delay. JP Morgan. The Rising Power of Women in Philanthrophy. Unicef. Jennifer Buffet. The NOVO Foundation. The Girl Effect. Laurie Tisch. Town and Country Magazine. “Never ask for permission, ask for forgiveness.” Money. Social Change. Bake Sales. Recognition. Influence. Causes. Wealth. Investing in Women. Lucy Liu. Superheros. Rising. Believing in zero. Children. Immunization. Vaccines. Clean water. HIV Aids. Child mortality. Joanna Krotz. The Guide to Intelligent Giving. Baron Capital. Gloria Steinem. Circle Financial Group. Women Moving Millions. The Ms. Foundation. Outrageous Acts. Sisterhood. “The injustice is so great that surely if we point it out they will want to change it.” The Woman Effect. Happy Birthday. Shared Experience. Ignoring boundaries. And what about men? Community Organizing. Just do it. Don’t live in the what if. The Zero Club. Critical Mass. Women on Boards. Consumer activism. Managing money. Gratitude. Sisterhood. Community. Train. The Economy. John Mauldin. The $33,000,000,000 Question. Is it over? Bear market rally. Debt. Deleveraging. Unemployment. Arrive. Horses. Dinner. Sermon. Sin. Homework. American Idol. Adam and Danny. The Penderwicks. Blogging. A day well lived…….

Tomorrow begins the celebration of the Women Moving Millions Campaign. I hope you will read all about it in the press in the days to follow. I am deeply honored to be part of this community of women. I want to mark this moment, this day, this month, this year as an acceleration point, maybe a turning point, in the womens movement. Why? Because I believe that women have and are increasingly going to use their resources, and specifically their money, to drive the change they want to see in the world. This is about collective action. This is about the power of the purse. This is about aligning our values with our money not only in how we give, but how we spend, save and invest. Tomorrow as we gather at the Brooklyn Museum around Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party, we will indeed be taking our seat at the table.

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  1. Sounds like it will be an amazing event covering many important themes. Similiar topics as well as other strategies for women’s advancement will be explored at our annual conference June 10-12 at CUNY Graduate Center, NYC. Register today at -Don’t miss it!

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