“The most important thing she’d learned over the years was that there was no way to be a perfect mother and a millions ways to be a good one.”

– Jill Churchhill, Crime and Punishment (1989)

Mother’s day is a big day for me. Why? Because it is the day I truly reflect on how well I am doing at the most important role God has given me. ( yes I wish it was a day I just slept in and watched movies in bed) My roles as a wife, a daughter, a professional, a giver, a friend ….. are all important too, but being a mother, that is at the top of the list. My son just turned 12 on Friday and my daughter recently turned 9. My husband wanted more children, and in hindsight that would have been nice, but it just did not work out that way. Honestly I felt when I was pregnant motherhood was too much of me. It was all of me. Fully pregnant you cannot go anywhere without it being ‘the thing’ about who you are, and it was not comfortable then and it is still not comfortable. Being a mother will never be for me, THE THING, I am. It will be one of the things I am, and yes, the most important thing I am. Maybe that is why I always worry whether I am ‘good enough?’ When I pulled out the quote book this morning and read the 100 that are listed on this topic this is the one that really resonated. It is easy to figure out why – because I have yet to accept it. I don’t live in the certainty that I am a really good parent, I live in the hope of it. One day when my kids are older, I pray they will look at me with truth and love in their eyes and say “Mom, you were and are many things, and being a GOOD parent was one of them.”

So may I suggest that this be your gift to your mother today? Call her and say “Mom, you should know that I feel you have always been a good mother. Not because you were perfect, but because you did the best you could and that down deep, I always knew that.”

I am sending out a big shout out to all my readers who are mothers, and all of those who want to be one day. Blessings…………… Jacki

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  1. Jacki,
    Yes, well said~! Motherhood keeps us in-line, humble and patient yet also gives us deep gratification and joy that we will not be able to experience unless one is a mother. It is one of the biggest long term investments yet we often do not see the fruits of our labor until much later. It makes us who we are because of our children and sure broadens our horizon and makes us better people. You have had a tremendous positive impact on your beautiful children already and you are leading by example. As long as we are doing the best we can, we should be happy and satisfied. Keep up the excellent job of multi-tasking as a mother, daughter, wife, professional and friend. Happy Mother’s Day Jacki. Enjoy each moment and have a great day. YMK

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