CNN plus Investing in Women

I am so grateful to be back on CNN American Morning tomorrow to talk about Women and the Financial Crisis. (aprox 730 am) Though I am not sure exactly how the conversation will be framed, I am praying that I will have the opportunity to state that the time is NOW to Invest in Women and Women led solutions. An example of what that means will be the story of a woman from DC whose life was changed because of a program she went through that helped her transition from being a waitress earning $11,000 a year to her first office job and now one that earns her $50,000 a year. Investing in Women means supporting initiatives, programs, solutions that enable and allow women to fully participate in our society. Investing in Women means helping women to overcome the barriers that are keeping them and their families in poverty. Investing in Women means being asking why are women so underrepresented in positions of power and influence and working to have them there in critical pass so we will know, one day, what women’s leadership truly looks and feels like. Investing in Women is saying ENOUGH to the status quo and using our economic clout for positive change. Investing in Women is acknowledging that the world will in fact be a better place if men and women worked in partnership to make it that way.

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