The Problems With Banks

It seems as if we are to hear what the plan is going to be for the US Banking System as early as this week. My we are in a pickle. Maybe a pickle jar. Maybe a pickle pool. Maybe an ocean of pickels. What is the likely outcome????? I offer to you not my opinion, but those of a smarter bunch then I.

First up is George Soros who wrote a thoughtful piece in the FT last week called “The Right and Wrong Way to Bail Out the Banks.” He points a key element of the challenge – “the hard choice facing the Obama administration is between partially nationalising the banks, or leaving them in private hands but nationalising their toxic assets.”

Up second is Baseline Scenerio – a blog I have recommended to you before – that will link you to two recent opeds from the FT and the WP – both worth the read.

Will we end of with a Nationalized Banking System? You tell me……….

One thought on “The Problems With Banks

  1. Great post. And… question for you on the topic of finance & money. Will and should the Obama Administration bring back real social security and pension versus just 401(K)'s? Doesn't seem fair that someone who works in a grocery store her whole life and who can't afford to save should have to extend retirement or go without when so many of us who work the same hours can afford to save for retirement? Your thoughts?

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