Wants, Needs, and A Great GIFT Idea

My husband keeps asking me what I would like for Christmas this year and I keep telling him I do not NEED anything. Needs. Wants. Needs. Wants. Do you keep asking yourself this question? “Do I need this or do I want it?” I do. Not only am I feeling an overwhelming sense of having enough, well too much, but my credit card bills are way down to boot!

So here is an idea for on how to celebrate Christmas. Give yourself a gift and ask your family members to do the same. Sit down, whip out some paper, and write the names of NEW friends you made this year and write why they now seem so important in your life. Write down their names, write down what makes them so special, then keep a copy for yourself and send the original to that person. Break out the crayolas and stickers and fill it with images that speak to who that person is. If by chance no ‘new’ person comes to mind, then do it for the person that has made this year such a special one for you. Is it something they taught you? Some way they inspired you? Or maybe they were just there in a moment you really needed them to be. Do it!

It is not a coincidence that this book arrived in my mailbox yesterday – “One Can Make A Difference: How Simple Actions Can Change the World.,”( Thank YOU L.D.) I is a “collection of wisdom, stories, and insight of fifty activists and world-changers who have proven that one person a movement can make.” I know what I will be reading this holiday season. This I NEED!!!!

I am going to work on a year end newsletter that shares lessons learned this year, resources that matter, ideas that matter, so if you have not signed up yet – do – and ask others to as well.

Bless you all and may your spirits leap in to a joyful place this holiday season.

4 thoughts on “Wants, Needs, and A Great GIFT Idea

  1. I enjoyed your great gift idea post.

    My issue is that I do not have enough time to spend with the friends I have already. A great gift idea for me and perhaps other readers would be to set aside time to spend with my current friends. And I do not mean being with them at a party or meeting but rather setting aside two hours or more to sit, talk, listen and share thoughts.

    Happy Holidays to all wonder women who read Jacki’s blog. Please experience the wonder in the world and celebrate being a woman.

  2. Another idea is to invest your own time in a blog, or even on Facebook uploading pictures. I am reconnecting with all my friends this way and feel as if I can see/feel/touch them again through photos and words.

  3. Hi Jackie: You are a beautiful soul! I am not sure if I should post here or after your Wonder Woman item…anyway as a coach I say that there is a difference btwn “wants” and “needs” – in my experience when our needs are met our wants melt away. Needs are also our values, when these are being fulfilled there aren’t any want’s. In my experience all want’s come down to unmet needs. The thing is learning how to identify our needs. Rarely are we asked what our needs are. Rarely do we identify them internally never mind externally. This is why they are rarely met. We don’t have the clarity around what they actually are – how for goodness sake can we get them met then? I could go on and on but I just wanted to reassure you that your questioning the difference btwn them is GREAT. Rarely do folks even inquire. And I’m so happy for you that you rcvd that beautiful gift. Indeed indeed the Universe has spoken. It seems to have spoken “It’s” need. Hasn’t it?

  4. Thank you for your wonderful comments! Meet Kim – i loved what you added. Thank you.

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