Tonight, I am very sad to say, our neighbors house burned down. Gone. Thankfully no one was hurt and the fire was contained but it was huge. My heart goes out to this wonderful family. As we stood there, with our children, watching, you realize that it can all be gone in a second. Though stuff is just stuff, a house is a home and full of memories from which a life is built. May we all take a moment to say thanks for all we have and move on to make sure we all have emergency plans in place.

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  1. Jacki: I watched it as well. Total tragedy. I’m just glad they were up in MA. I hope their dog was with them. If there’s anything we can organize to help these guys out let us know and count us in. Harry

  2. Oh,My…I am very sad to hear about your neighbor and will take a moment with my family to be thankful of what we have and also a prayer to your neighbor to be safe and warm….yumi

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