A Gentlemen’s Evening

Last night I had the honor of attending the Gentleman’s Ball sponsored by GQ Magazine, with our dear friends Pete and Jane Hunsinger. Pete Hunsinger, Publisher of GQ, is the visionary behind the Gentlemen’s Fund. His idea was simple and beautiful – to use the brand of GQ to help raise money for charities to support five pillars essential to modern men – Opportunity, Health, Education , the Environment and Mentorship. Their motto: Better Men, Better World. Love it! They choose five celebrity ambassadors to partner with them in this effort, and you guessed it, Usher was one of them! Usher’s passion is in protected the environment and he is working with the Alliance for Climate Protection to make that happen. The event also featured a performance by Timbaland and man of man, did he rock the house!

For more information and to support this amazing initiative please visit their web-site.

To Pete Hunsinger – it is an honor to be your friend and thank you for being the change we all need to see in the world.

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