Engaging Today’s Generation to Find Tomorrow’s Cure: The PINK Agenda

Marisa Renee Lee lost her mother to Breast Cancer and she is making it her mission to find a cure. In an eloquent essay on the Huffington Post she shares her story, hoping to inspire other young women to take action. “Worldwide, breast cancer is the second most common type of cancer after long cancer, and the fifth most common cause of cancer death,” according to Wikipedia. As an impassioned young woman who would not accept “defeat as an answer”, she created the Pink Agenda, to bring awareness and resources to the fight against Breast Cancer. She chose to do more then write a check, but to bring her collective resources to bear. That inspires me. Each of us, bringing our collective resources to the needs and injustices that matter most to us, is the force that will change the world for the better.

The Pink Agenda is having their second annual benefit in New York City on May 15th, and it is not to join in. If Breast Cancer is a cause you care about, and you want to be connected with like-minded young professionals, The Pink Agenda is for you.

Proceeds from the event will be directed to two leading Breast Cancer Research Organizations, The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and the Susan G. Komen Foundation. I am a Board member of BCRF, an organization founded by the most passionate Evelyn Lauder. BCRF recently commanded a top in the category endorsement by Oprah Magazine.

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  1. Jacki,

    Would love to connect you with Nikki Gregory, Joe’s wife who is the Chairman of the Maurer Foundation, a breast health not- for-profit. You are a connector and the Maurer Foundation belongs on the Pink Agenda.


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